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SwedenSportsBetting.com is part of a national network of sports betting review sites, which provide country-specific information to consumers about online sports betting.

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Sweden Sports Betting Issues

The Swedish online sports betting market is excellent.  So many other countries have developed restrictive legislation which has reduced the freedom of choice for their sports betting enthusiasts.  This is not the case in Sweden, where you essentially have the full freedom to register with the sportsbooks of your choice.  The purpose of this site is to publish my research into identifying the best Swedish betting sites.  This might sound simple, but the Swedish market is tougher to assess and here’s why:  With no legal restrictions, I needed to see if the World’s best online sportsbook brands catered to the Swedish market, or if only Nordic-focused sites provided the best services.

You see there are several sportsbook companies that purport to focus on the Nordic betting markets like Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.  These companies might offer a website in Nordic languages and offer native currencies, but as sportsbooks, do they measure up in terms of cutting edge technology, trustworthiness, reputation, sports coverage, bonuses, banking options, competitive betting odds? The list goes on.  

Here is what I found to be the case: For the most part, several of the leading online betting brands have determined that Sweden is an extremely important market for them and thus, they have made the investments to cater to the Swedish market in the same manner that you might expect a native Nordic-focused sportsbook.  Below I list what I believe to be the six best sportsbooks for bettors in Sweden.  I explain the full rationale for this on the right.      

How the list was constructed

It is as important to understand what this site is, and what it is not.  Many sports betting review sites are built simply to present you with the brands you likely know best with logos and banners.  Next to these logos you will likely see a 5-star rating or a very high grade with no actual reason or justification for this assessment.  

As you can see from my list, several of the biggest names in the Swedish market are not listed.  Unlike other sites, I’m not interested in simply trading on a brand that you know.  I want you to play with the betting sites that I truly believe to be best for the Swedish bettor.

My list only includes sites that have satisfied the following criteria:

I’ve researched over 30 of the World’s top sportsbook companies from the perspectives of dozens of different national markets including the Swedish perspective.  If I’m not satisfied that any of these criteria  are sufficiently met, the reviewed sportsbook is not included in my list.  

I’m not here to list every sportsbook, tell you what is wrong with them, and then hope to trade on their brand and logo because they advertised a lot in Sweden and you know their name.

I’m here to show you the best companies with which you may bet from Sweden.  My list is in alphabetical order with no preference.  They all provide an excellent experience, but have their differences.  Please read and enjoy responsibly.

BetVictor is known widely in the UK for having the most competitive football odds. If football is going to be the sport on which you will focus more than any other, BetVictor must be at the top of your list.   Read the BetVictor Sweden review.

The best online sports betting sites for players in Sweden


Pinnacle Sports operates as a reduced-juice sportsbook.  This means they don’t advertise  or offer a bonus & the savings is passed back to bettors with consistently higher paying odds on all sports and offer very high limits. A fantastic long term betting partner.  Read the Pinnacle Sports Sweden review.


Unibet, headquartered in Stockholm, provides some amazing coverage of sports betting, especially with their coverage of niche sports like ice hockey.  If you like a breadth of sports, Unibet must be considered heavily.   Read the Unibet Sweden review.

Go! Go!

William Hill is one of the oldest names in sports betting, established in 1934 and currently traded on the LSE.  William Hill covers all sports well, but football and horse racing are definitely their focus.  So if these are your passion, take note.   Read the William Hill Sweden review.

Most online sportsbooks are focused on targeting the average bettor.  As such, there are limits placed the amount that can be bet or that can be won.  Smaller companies are at a higher risk of a big loss, and thus they tend to have lower limits.  

On the spectrum of how much people wager on a given match, if you feel you are on the higher end with considerably high stakes, you should read about the sites that offer the highest limits to ensure the sportsbook you choose can take your action.

High Limit

Key to your sportsbook experience is the manner in which you’ll be able to deposit and withdraw funds from your betting account via your chosen banking methods.  

It is no coincidence that every sportsbook listed on this site offers Swedish Krona betting accounts.  Similarly, you can view the most popular banking methods that are compatible transacting Kronor or other currencies of your choice as a Swedish customer.





How Swedish sporting preferences helped to shape this list

From a sporting perspective, by bet volume and the amount of money that is bet from Sweden, football is by far the most wagered-upon sport.  This is one of the key reasons for the list that you see above.  Three of the six sites listed originate from the United Kingdom where of course football is also by far the most popular sport and where sports betting as a business was essentially invented.  As such, these firms have been quick to identify open markets (little-to-no legislation restricting online betting) and that also love football betting.  Without question, if football is going to be your game of choice, these three UK sites provide comprehensive coverage of all football betting markets including dozens side bets for each match, plus every manner of futures wagering.  Given the parallels between the UK and Sweden in this respect, these sites invested to offer Swedish Krona betting accounts.

The sports of secondary importance for Sweden generally include hockey and tennis.  While the firms I list cover all sports very well, hockey and tennis are very important for these in particular.  Tennis is also important in the UK market so you know that it will be covered competitively by each UK site.  Furthermore, each of the sites above provide some of the best hockey betting.  Each site also accepts Canadian bettors, and if you like hockey, you know Canadians love hockey and expect to have full coverage of their favourite sport.  This however, is the one sport where the best Sweden-based sportsbook, Unibet excels.  Unibet is the only sportsbook I have ever reviewed that provides match betting coverage for Canadian Major Junior Hockey leagues (OHL, WHL).  While each site covers hockey extremely well, if you need the most extensive coverage, Unibet provides this to you in wonderful fashion.

Why these sites are better than the highly advertised names within Sweden

If you identify with being Swedish and you want to bet with a company of Swedish origin, I understand this and Unibet is the best of these.  There are others, but clearly they are not listed here.  While I can understand nationalistic leanings, understand that almost all betting companies have moved offshore for tax purposes, so you are not directly helping local Swedish workers and while your funds are surely safe, they do move offshore no matter which sportsbook(s) you select.  

While five of my six listed sites do not originate from Sweden, know that five out of six offer betting in Swedish from both their desktop and mobile betting platforms.  Even though you are using English to research the best Swedish betting sites, these companies value your business sufficiently to offer this language option to you.

I’m not sure how much my listed sites invest in advertising in Sweden.  However, I do know that they are some of the largest betting companies in the world and operate in an extremely careful and transparent manner.  This is covered by the site reviews.  You want to bet with a company that you can trust with your deposits, will be fair with your account and is unafraid of bettors that win.  In being large, you can be confident in knowing these firms will be around for a long time, and you’ll never need to worry about unjustifiably cancelled bets or account closures that can occur with upstart companies that often tempt new players with unattainable, too-good-to-be-true bonuses.  

High Limit Sports Betting from Sweden

Bank with your sportsbook from Sweden

888Sport is a well-established international sportsbook that has recently added the SEK as a currency.  With a vast array of betting markets and extremely competitive odds margins across all sports, 888Sport is a great option.  Read the 888Sport Sweden review.



Featured Welcome Offer

MarathonBet has been operating since 1997 and has recently exploded in popularity with growth sponsorships of top English, Scottish and Spanish football clubs.  They have moved to offer the most comprehensive football betting coverage with extremely high-paying odds.  Read the MarathonBet Sweden review.